Our Story

Developed by a licensed aesthetician, Beauty Magnet is based on using professional magnetized facial tools to drive skincare deeper into the skin. Our daily rituals using Beauty Magnet will transform skin from within to resolve concerns like fine lines, dark spots, stray hairs and acne.

Beauty Magnet Tool Kit

Start with the Beauty Magnet All-in-One Skincare Tool, a beautiful set of tools designed to simplify your beauty routine and give you an easy and effective self-care moment. Connected by a magnet at the base, you’ll never lose one of your tools again, simplifying your routine.  And so compact, you can take them anywhere you go with our sleek and hygienic case!

A New Way of Life

A New Way of Life

Beauty magnet is committed to changing women's lives through aesthetics. A portion of our proceeds goes to the A New Way of Life charity that provides housing, and leadership development for people rebuilding their lives after incarceration.

Beauty Magnet and A New Way of Life are working together to develop a program to enable women to become licensed estheticians. This allows them to create a business and life for themselves post-incarceration. Being an aesthetician is healing to not only the client but to the technician, resulting in postivie magnetic energy for all. To learn more please visit anewwayoflife.org

“Skincare tools greatly enhance product penetration and are the best at-home resource a beauty enthusiast can have,” says Beauty Magnet Founder Liz Kennedy. “But they don’t work if you can’t find them. The Beauty Magnet simplifies your routine and makes your day easier. If you get back even a fraction of the time you would have spent looking for your beauty tools, then I’ve done it right.”