Beauty is Magnetic

Simplify your routine for healthy, radiant skin with an all-in-one tool.

5-in-1 Tool Set

The Beauty Magnet was created to simplify the way skin tools are used. Our patent pending tool has five unique skin care tools, MAGNETIZED! Innovatively designed to help make skincare work better and wake your skin up. Just like you need brushes to apply makeup, you need skincare tools to make your skincare more effective!

The Beauty Magnet is a quality, professional face tool set that contains every tool you need; to enhance the best performance from your daily skincare, invigorate and refresh your skin, clear clogged pores and also contains the perfect tweezer to maintain groomed brows and remove stray hairs. The best part? All five tools in this compact set are magnetized, portable and fit snuggly into each other so you never misplace them!


Professional Derma Roller

The Professional Derma roller safely and effectively rejuvenates and refreshens skin. Derma rolling at-home supports younger-looking skin by specifically targeting the appearance of fine lines, dark spots, and uneven texture. For maximum needle precision, each roller head should be replaced monthly.


Rose Quartz Face Roller
The Rose Quartz Face Rolling Stone helps to firm the look of skin through gentle massage, stimulating lymphatic drainage all over the face, jawline and neck to relax and de-stress skin. This Rose Quartz Face Roller provides a longer cooling effect and is more durable than customary jade rollers.


Precise Tweezer
The Precise Tweezer is a convenient, multi-functional brow tool that allows you to create a perfect brow shape, provide simple brow maintenance, and quickly remove stray unwanted hairs on the face and body.


Comedone Extractor
The Comedone Extractor is a simple, stainless steel tool designed to help you safely and hygienically extract blemishes without using fingers (to pick). Essential for clear skin maintenance, this tool is a must have for the DIY at home facial fan.
De-Puffing Eye Roller
The De-Puffing Eye Roller gently massages the under-eye area and helps encourage natural drainage. The easy-to-clean metal tip offers a refreshing cooling sensation to the eye area while providing stressed tired under eyes with some at home self-care.


Liz Kennedy is the Founder and Creator of the Beauty Magnet, a first-of-its-kind tool designed to simplify your beauty routine.

As an aesthetician, beauty guru, and on-air expert, Liz has spent years speaking about how to maintain your skin at home. No matter how varied the discussions are, from personal skincare woes to the latest and greatest in new formulations and research, there is always one universal problem that continues to antagonize beauty enthusiasts nationwide – the skin tools are always misplaced! Even for Liz, the tweezers are buried in the back of a drawer and the comedone extractor that traveled so well on her girls’ trip last weekend doesn’t seem to be in her toiletries case, where she swears to have placed it last…

Cue the Beauty Magnet, a gorgeous all-in-one skincare tool (Dermaroller, Rose Quartz Face Roller, Rose Gold Metal Eye Roller, Comedone Extractor and Tweezer) designed to help make your skincare routine more efficient and effective, without the risk of misplacing tools, thanks to the convenient innovative magnetic base.

“Skincare tools greatly enhance product penetration and are the best at-home resource a beauty enthusiast can have,” says Kennedy. “But they don’t work if you can’t find them. The Beauty Magnet simplifies your routine and makes your day easier. If you get back even a fraction of the time you would have spent looking for your beauty tools, then I’ve done it right.”

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