Your favorite beauty tools, MAGNETIZED.

Designed and engineered by a licensed aesthetician

The swiss army knife of skin care tools

A beautiful set of patented tools designed to simplify your skincare routine. Connected by a magnet at the base, you’ll never lose one of your tools again.

Featured and Approved by Cosmo, Forbes and Allure Magazines

Invented by skincare expert and esthetician Liz Kennedy, Beauty Magnet’s mission is to bring you the most modern solutions in beauty so you can spend your time more efficiently.

Professional At Home Toolkit

Pro Derma Roller
Pro Derma Roller

The derma roller head is safely and precisely designed with 540 needles that are 0.3mm long that help to improve the effectiveness of your skincare while giving skin a re-fresh overnight for a healthy looking complexion.

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Rose Quartz Face Roller
Rose Quartz Face Roller

Designed to help instantly de-puff and seal in skincare for the face and neck. This beautiful rose quartz stone is used for daily massage to help support lymphatic drainage and stays cool on the skin to help reduce the appearance of puffiness.

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Precise Tweezer
Precise Tweezer

A multi-functional brow tool designed to create a tighter grip to hair, reducing the chance of skin irritation. It not only allows you to create a perfect brow shape and provide simple brow maintenance, but will quickly remove any stray unwanted hairs on the face, neck, and body.

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Rose Gold Metal Eye Roller
De-Puffing Eye Roller

Designed with a 100% metal tip to massage around the delicate eye area with an indulgent cooling effect that helps to reduce puffiness, improve lymphatic drainage and increase penetration of your favorite eye products.

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Comedone Extractor
Comedone Extractor

An at-home extraction tool that safely and gently removes blackheads and whiteheads. PRO TIP: Use this post shower when the skin is soft and still damp. Never press hard, gently glide.

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I absolutely love it

When I saw it, I thought this is one of the classiest tool sets I've ever seen... omg it's so beautiful.

— Tiffany Rose

Lose Nothing!

I love that the tools are magnetic and
stay together. I like that it is compact as well. I love the blackhead remover!

— VinnyTheMom

Adding to the routine

I am recently starting to find a better
skincare routine for my combination skin, Let me say that for now, it feels nice.

— jo_nem13

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