Beauty Magnet is the skincare tool we all need

Beauty Magnet founder, Liz Kennedy, accidentally fell into her career. As an esthetician in nursing school, she dreamt about working side by side with plastic surgeons. During her studies, she side-hustled as a spokesperson for skincare brands. Eventually, Liz became an on-air TV host for the home shopping channel, QVC, and the host of the makeover segment of The Steve Harvey Show. Liz realized she had a passion and love for explaining skincare products, practices, and regimens….and the rest was history.

Liz Kennedy

Everything you can imagine is real

Fast forward to today, four years later, and this powerhouse entrepreneur has just launched her first skincare tool. Liz realized she couldn’t be the only woman constantly losing her beauty tools (us too, Liz, us too). She took inspired action and creatively designed each component in Beauty Magnet to be held together with magnets. All those years you spent buying and subsequently losing tweezers? Thanks to Liz, this will be the last pair you ever buy. In traditional Liz fashion (check out her Instagram and you’ll know what we mean), the rose gold design aesthetics are off the chart. It looks like jewelry on our vanities.

Beauty Magnet Tools

When asked why she named her skincare tool, Beauty Magnet, Liz replied that there is so much more to the name than what you may initially think. She is a true believer in focused intention. Liz wants every woman to know that she can be her own magnet. All is takes is self-belief and perseverance.

Liz went through her own trials and tribulations while developing her tool. Right after giving birth and as Covid hit, she went through her second round of raising funds for Beauty Magnet (you go, girl!) It wasn’t easy but she believed in her tool and in herself. She’s not only educating women on how to take care of their skin, but how to become a powerful magnet for all the beautiful things in life.

Your 5 favorite tools…magnetized!

Liz broke down for us the components of the Beauty Magnet for us. The dermaroller features 350 needles to painlessly (and yes it’s painless, we promise) create little microchannels in the skin. These little sites send messages to the body that the skin needs be repaired. This increases cell turnover, regenerates the skin, and ultimately makes it firmer and more youthful. Liz recommends using the dermaroller three nights a week with peptides and hydrating serums (not retinols or actives like vitamin C). Be sure to replace the head once a month.

Blackhead Remover

Adjacent to the dermaroller is the comedone extractor. Liz incorporated this tool into the Beauty Magnet because she was sick of seeing people picking their skin with dirty nails (#eww)! After showering, glide the extractor over blackheads and whiteheads and to easily remove them. Next are the tweezers. Liz created her pair to be super sharp so they can get the finest hairs on your face. The fourth tool is the eye serum roller. This metal roller is designed to perfectly fit the contours of the eye. It enhances circulation, depuffs, and cools the eye area. Sounds like the perfect remedy for the morning after a Dubai brunch.

Eye Roller

The last component is the rose quartz roller. This roller is smaller than crystal rollers we typically see on the market. Liz intentionally designed it to be small to fit all the contours of the face. When using a roller, it’s essential to glide it towards the lymph nodes (up towards your temples and down to your collar bone). Liz chose to use rose quartz as opposed to jade because rose quartz stays cool while jade heats up when it comes into contact with skin.

Rose Quartz Roller

With no detail left undone, the Beauty Magnet can rest on its side in your vanity. It’s creatively designed in such a way that the tool heads remained suspended in the air, keeping the microneedles and other componenets from touching the counter surface.

Liz’s top tips

Liz’s OG rule is to put disinfecting alcohol in a spray bottle and mist each tool liberally before and after using it. Rinse the tool with warm water before using it on your face. She also suggests cooling the tools in the fridge (in a plastic bag, because, you know…hygiene) for an enhanced depuffing effect. Finally, the true esthetician in Liz says, nothing you do for your skin will matter if you don’t use your SPF.

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